Types of application

Application by email

In this digital age we are particularly happy to receive applications by email. These are subject to the same rules as written applications submitted by post. Please don’t forget to attach all the relevant files. The best approach is to collate them all in a single PDF document (maximum 4 MB). This means nothing gets lost and we can see all your data at a glance. The relevant email address is given in the advertisement relating to the job you wish to apply for. For unsolicited applications, please use the email address karriere@xella.com.

Applications by mail

We are still quite happy to receive conventional written applications by mail. In the case of both unsolicited applications and those for specific vacancies we require from you a cover letter, a resumé and copies of any relevant certificates. You should also remember to state your desired field of operations and possible starting date. You can obtain the name and address of the correct recipient from the job pool or from one of our contacts.

Unsolicited application

Everyone loves a surprise!

If you have a clear professional goal, special qualifications, or a particular kind of internship in mind, you don’t need to wait for us to come up with a vacancy. Take the initiative and apply for your dream job. Extraordinary talents who are interested in working for us are always welcome.

Please send your application to: karriere@xella.com