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More building made with wood

Wood in urban construction

Trendcard: Wood in urban construction
Increased usage of wood in urban construction (e.g. even building skyscrapers out of wood).
Recent amendments to the law, new guidelines and findings from pilot projects and studies have significantly improved the starting position for multi-storey timber and timberhybrid constructions.


Use case examples

  • Prefabricated modular systems
  • Multi-storey timber and timberhybrid constructions
  • Wood constructions in public buildings
  • Sustainable high level of buildings


  • Wood as "new material": somehow fireproof, sustainable, easy to transport and ideal for prefabricated modular systems
  • Upselling chance for sustainable products in combination with timber


  • Stability and value resistance of wood may decrease competitive advantages of other products
  • Loss of positive ecological footprint because of abolition of the CO2-neutrality of wood

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