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Shift of population from rural areas towards urban centers

Urbanization Xella

Trendcard: Urbanization
(Nowadays global) trend originated from medieval times and is connected with the hope to improve individual prospects and the development of social and individual mobility.

In regards with development of cities, urbanization causes the following impacts:

  • Increasing share of high-rise buildings
  • Denser suburban areas (including development of slums)
  • Stockpiling
  • New challenges for infrastructure
  • More people per square meter

Use case examples

  • Mega-cities 
  • Development of slums
  • New mobility requirements


  • New lifestyles of end consumers
  • New opportunities for selling special (functional) solutions
  • New business models


  • Rising vulnerability of urban life
  • “Availability” becomes a topic
  • Outdistancing and extinction of rural areas
  • Increasing gap between rural and urban areas
  • Local shortage of land/resources/etc.