Trend Cards

Ability to continue a defined behavior indefinitely

Sustainability Xella

Trendcard: Sustainability

  • Ability to be kept at a certain rate/level
  • Avoidance of depletion of natural resources to  keep ecological balance
  • Means to ensure/foster a  “fair” co-existance of humans

In economics and politics, three dimensions sum up to sustainability: environmental protection, social responsibility and economic practice. Increased professional and private awareness leads to increasing demand for sustainable goods and services.

Use case examples

  • Sustainability/responsibility reports in business (in addition  to annual reports)
  • Increasing usage of sustainability in marketing as a mean of promotion
  • Adidas innovation: every innovation/new product carries an element of sustainability
  • "We care"-campaign of Saint Gobain/Weber
  • Urban mining


  • New production leads to new equipment/buildings 
  • Upselling chances (given high level of sustainability) 
  • Chance for a better, healthier world


  • No direct ROI on sustainability investsments
  • No guarantee to avoid social negative critic 
  • Sustainability won’t stay as USP