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Spend more for individual time, security and health

Premiumization Xella

Trendcard: Premiumization
The power and willingness to spend/pay more for  individual time, security and health.
Basis for this is the individualization of society. Premiumization combines different elements of responsibility in consumption, healthy living and efficiency.
Some aspects of premiumization include:

  • Services that help (e.g. curation, personalization,  the quest for time)
  • Thoughtful consumption  (smart luxury, permission to indulge)
  • Building a "better Me" (e.g. buying experience and community)

Use case examples

  • Online partner search
  • Fitness tracking/sleep monitoring/mantra apps 
  • Music streams


  • Opportunity for new products and services
  • Opportunity for health/wellbeing/protection  marketing
  • Less mortality due to less stress
  • Chances for „new“ construction ideas


  • Less willingness to pay for traditional goods 
  • Credibility/reliability (when old industry goods try to jump onto)
  • High dependency on media push