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Increasing of fire protection requirments

Fire regulation Xella

Trendcard: Fire regulation
Public authorities impose regulations on fire safety for new and existing buildings and increasingly tighten the requirements.

In order to support the increased rate of urbanization, more and more high-rise buildings are constructed. The structure of high-rise buildings is complex, making fire protection (such as sprinkler system or non flammable material usage) necessary. But also the growing construction of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings directly impacts the sales of fire sprinkler systems and non flammable material or systems.

Use case examples

  • Increasing number of producers/brands of different fire resistant materials/systems
  • Increasing the range of active fire extinguishing systems
  • Stronger construction supervision and more efficient control by the public authorities


  • Increasing demand for fire resistant materials and system solutions, especially in insulation market
  • Digitalization IoT


  • New materials with better fire protection performance and easier application (Potential competitor also for new solutions)
  • Price oriented market
  • Further development of existing competitive products / systems
  • New materials with un-examined impact
  • High (or increased) costs for new buildings and renovations

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