Trend Cards

Transformation of all activities into digital forms


Trendcard: Digitalization
Originally digitalization meant the transformation of analog into digital [0;1]  contents; now it means the penetration, transformation and collection of all societal, economic and technological activities into digital forms with the chance to be handled with electronic devices (including the deriving new business models).

The development has started with the breakthrough of semiconductor technology. Together with the technological progress and ubiquitous accessibility, digitalization is the basis for new life styles (both, professional and private).

Use case examples

  • Block-chain (transparency without manipulation) 
  • Smartphone penetration
  • Smart TV / Realtime TV
  • Digital/web economy


  • Increased transparency along value chain
  • Ubiquitous availability and exchange of data 
  • Real-time economy


  • All digital data theoretically are open to manipulation
  • High dependency of everyday life (making it susceptible for sabotage or natural catastrophes)
  • Vanishing knowledge (storage of bytes)