The Ursa Brand


URSA is a leading European insulation provider with headquarters in Madrid. Being one of the major insulation players in Europe, URSA is focused on mineral wool and extruded polystyrene (XPS) as solutions for insulating residential and non-residential buildings, both new and being renovated.


60 years of insulation expertise

URSA’s history dates back to 1949, when the Spanish company Poliglas began producing insulation materials in Spain. In 1988 Poliglas was acquired by the Spanish group Uralita. The German firm Pfleiderer also entered the insulation business in 1991 in Germany.

The lifes of these two companies run parallel. Poliglas grew predominantly in Western Europe through the construction of new factories while Pfleiderer expanded to Eastern Europe.. In 2002, Pfleiderer’s insulation division and Poliglas merged: Ursa was officially born in 2004 and since then the company hasn’t stopped expanding within Europe and beyond, launching innovative and award winning insulation products.

Since the beginning Ursa has been entirely dedicated to the production and sales of building insulation materials that reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions while improving acoustic and thermal comfort.

Over the last decade Ursa has faced up to its commitment to sustainability on a different level and with much more intensity, making sure to be a reliable partner in the long run. This included a performance audit of the different areas of sustainability – social, economic and environmental.