Our Team and Contact

Since research and innovation permeate all areas of our company, good ideas have many faces at Xella. And we have many faces with good ideas and a passion for research, development and testing, as well as the joy of entering into innovative exchange with third parties and promoting our research and innovation culture. Some of these faces are presented here: Representative scientists of the Research and Development Center in Emstal and Brück put products and applications to the acid test. Our cross-divisional and local innovation managers can shed light on all possible perspectives through their different specialist competences and are committed to the dissemination of Xella ID both internally and externally.
Many faces - one motivation: live innovative research and research innovations for life!

Research team

Torsten Schoch

Dipl.-Ing. Torsten Schoch
Managing Director of Xella Technologie und Forschungsgesellschaft mbH

Franz Loderer

Dipl.-Ing. Franz Loderer
Head of the Department of Applied Research / Building Physics and Responsible for standardization and approvals

Berit Straube

Dr. Berit Straube
Head of Product and Process Research

Henry Hantschick

Dipl.-Ing. Henry Hantschick
Head of the accredited testing laboratory


Dr. Hartmut Walther
Responsible for environmental protection and patents


Dr. Oliver Kreft
Responsible for International Projects

If you have a request or a special technical inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Innovation team

"Our way to continue building sustainably and efficiently in the future."
Martin Kindt
Head of Innovation International



"If you don’t get new insights you won’t get new ideas!"

Clemens Aberle
Head of Innovation Germany


"Innovation links proven ideas with new possiblities."

Pamela Böhm
Head of Innovation Austria

head-of-innovation-Alessandro Garbero

“Innovation means improving now, designing the future.”

Alessandro Garbero
Head of Innovation Italy

Piotr Harassek

"A real innovation should bring practical value to all stakeholders"

Piotr Harassek
Head of Innovation Poland


"To create innovations, you must discard the possibility of failure." 

Johan Vestergaard
Head of Innovation Scandinavia


"Being innovative is the best way to be effective."

Tibor Marta
Head of Innovation Hungary


“Innovative approach is a keystone to prosperity.”

Ruslan Mazitov
Head of Innovation Russia


"The best ideas come as jokes. Think as funny as possible." 

Catalin Oprea
Head of Innovation Romania

Arnaud Porte

„Hello Future!“                                              

Arnaud Porte
Head of Innovation France


"Innovation starts with ideas that must fit real market expectations"

Elly van Overmeire
Head of Innovation Belgium

Head of Innovation Serbia

“Innovate today for tomorrow”

Edin Dalifi
Head of Innovation Alpe Adria

Ludmilla Smerdova

"Creating of the future with turning dreams and ideas into a solution that adds value for both - the company and the customer."

Ludmila Smerdova
Head of Innovation Czech Republic

Boyko Penev

"Employees' creativity makes companies market leaders.
Let's respect, appreciate and stimulate it."

Boyko Penev
Head of Innovation Bulgaria

Do you want to get in touch with us or have an idea to discuss? Do not hesitate to contact us!