Sustainablity at Xella

Environmental protection and conservation of resources

For Xella, sustainability isn’t a merely buzzword. For decades, we have been dedicated to climate and environmental protection – as a manufacturer of natural and energy efficient building materials and as a research-based company that keeps setting itself new, high goals for developing better methods and materials. Therefore we make an important contribution to environmental protection and the conservation of resources.

Cradle to Cradle


To fulfill our ecological responsibility we will be forced to bring our actions into line with the lifecycle principle of the natural environment around us over the long term. The solution is innovative and intelligent product design in which all of the materials used circulate within technical and biological cycles. In other words we must think in advance about what is going to happen in the future; we must think in terms of permanent product cycles – “from cradle to cradle”. This means, all products are dismantlable and materials and processes are optimized such that they even become useful once the product’s useful life has expired.
It is in Xella’s commercial and ecological interests to recycle as many of the raw materials used in production as possible. Our objective is to offer at least one product from each of our brands that meets the Cradle to Cradle criteria.


Over the past several years we have increasingly dedicated ourselves to the topic of sustainability in an even more structured manner. For example, with a wide range of internal projects, a new organizational structure that raises our efforts in the field of sustainability to a whole new level and – not least – our comprehensive communication of issues relating to sustainability.