Social Responsibility

It is our ambition to become the best team in our industry, which is why we aim for constant improvement and development. In doing so, we bear responsibility for our employees. We promote talent, create performance incentives and reward top performance. We offer flexible working schemes and a culture of openness and respect. Our tailor-made development and training programs help our employees to fully exploit their potential.   

Corporate culture at Xella

Filling our corporate values with life

Xella’s corporate values provide guidance for our daily activities and thus form the basis for our corporate and management culture: dialog, openness and appreciation, responsibility and accountability as well as professionalism. Corporate values

Employee dialogs

We conduct regular surveys among our employees to obtain their feedback. The aim of these surveys is not only to measure employee satisfaction, but also to find out where our employees see our strengths and weaknesses. Our aim is to continuously improve ourselves. Based on the results of the surveys, we continuously implement change measures both centrally and locally or individually. This way, we want to make Xella a better and even more attractive company, while at the same time increasing the satisfaction of our employees.

Human resources development

Xella attaches great importance to human resources development, as it helps our company meet today’s and tomorrow’s requirements. Superiors conduct regular dialogs with their employees in which they jointly derive personal development goals. Xella supports the implementation of the measures through internal and external analog and digital offerings. An internal employee platform offers numerous e-learning options for flexible and digital further training.

Vocational training

Xella is an attractive employer who recruits people in a wide range of specialist areas and at various levels. In doing so, we attach particular importance to supporting young talent, which is why we provide apprenticeships and traineeships in six different professions at over 16 locations in Germany – from the commercial to the technical sector to hospitality, Xella offers a wide range of opportunities for starting a career. The main focus of the annual junior staff days is placed on the exchange between apprentices as well as on interdisciplinary cooperation, team building and special workshops on topics such as occupational health and safety. More information and all vacant apprenticeships and traineeships can be found in the HR section of Xella Group. 

Social responsibility

Our Xella Emergency Fund helps employees of Xella Group and their families who are in need through no fault of their own. Xella also uses the Emergency Fund to support external aid projects. Our employees also receive practical support from pme Familienservice, which provides quick and uncomplicated assistance in everyday life, e.g. in caring for relatives. 

Occupational health and safety

Xella always attaches top priority to safety. For us, occupational health and safety is more than just complying with laws; this first sentence of the Xella mission statement on occupational health and safety is filled with life on a daily basis. Strict regulations and measures, training and further education as well as technical assessments and process audits enable safe working at Xella. We work to ensure that our employees go home healthy and unharmed every day.