Research and Innovation at Xella

We live innovative research and research innovations for life

We have long recognised: For us, the right ideas at the right time are crucial building blocks that lead to the continuous optimization of our products and processes. No matter whether it is aerated concrete, sand-lime bricks or mineral insulation panels - the convincing quality and high innovative power of the Xella Group are no coincidence. As a solution provider of innovative building materials, we want to make life a lot easier for our customers with sustainable and environmentally friendly concepts.


For this reason, we at Xella rely on two fundamental pillars with which we will continue to meet the growing demands for efficient, modern and environmentally friendly construction: Close to Berlin, we operate our own technology and research company (Xella Technologie- und Forschungsgesellschaft), which is already developing the building materials for tomorrow.
In addition, with Xella ID we provide creative and interdisciplinary innovation management for the future orientation of the Xella Group.
As a result, Xella, as one of the few European companies in the building materials industry, combines basic research, technology development and systematic idea management to form the core components for a successful and future-oriented in-house outlook!

Research and technology are our heartbeat

ResearchXellaParticularly in product research, innovation management and the Xella Technologie- und Forschungsgesellschaft complement each other optimally. Researching products, developing building materials and improving materials - the Xella Technology and Research Center examines and implements ideas, drives innovations and researches intelligent solutions. In addition to self-generated innovations or product improvements, the first concepts resulting from Xella ID are analysed, followed up or optimized. As the heartbeat of our company, a passionate spirit for research thrives, constantly setting new impulses for the worldwide market for building materials .

At the two sites in Emstal and Brück, a specialist team takes care of the areas of mineralogy, building materials testing, civil engineering, building physics and chemistry. They work on new materials, optimize proven building materials and constantly improve their properties. The product and process research, the application research and building physics, as well as the accredited testing center are the focus of the technology and research work.

"The Xella Technologie- und Forschungsgesellschaft is invaluable to the building industry, with excellence in research, product development and standardization."
Prof. Dr. Oliver Kornadt, University of Kaiserslautern, Department of Civil Engineering Dean, Department of Building Physics / Energetic Building Optimization

Innovation is in our DNA

Smartphones, Google or Amazon - without these three developments, our everyday life would be different today. And they all have one thing in common: Behind them are visionaries who have persistently pursued their ideas and put them into action. Because true innovations only develop their true potential when courageous people back them and try things that seem impossible.
One of them was the Swedish architect Axel Eriksson. Through laboratory tests he developed aerated concrete almost 90 years ago, which has made our company known worldwide as a partner for innovative solutions at the highest level. A development that we are proud of and through Xella ID we now give a clear identity. As water and sand characterize our building materials, Xella ID, as a synonym of our DNA, represents innovative strength, which we want to further strengthen as part of a strategic innovation management.

Xella ID stands for a future orientation as an unmistakable hallmark of Xella - but also for the ideas that are the basis of every innovation process and that we promote in a targeted way. Specifically, this means: Our Innovation Development - which also stands for ID - functions as a cross-national and cross-departmental network, which promotes cooperation internally and externally and controls communication. Our Head of Innovation acts as local contact. From product research and optimizing work processes to working with our customers, we see innovation as a holistic approach.

"Innovation is one of the most important priorities for the building materials industry. Not only do we want to use innovation to comply with regulations, but we also want to define new benchmarks in our industry and meet the needs of our customers. Thanks to the creativity and competence of our employees, I am convinced that they will continue to achieve these goals in the future."
Thomas Bois, CEO of Xella Baustoffe GmbH