How we research and realize innovations

We conduct research for innovative products and generate ideas for our forward-looking research. One thing causes the other and that is what makes us so successful. A look behind the scenes of our technology and research center shows how we conduct research and which methods and instruments are used.
If new products, materials or processes have been successfully researched and tested, they will subsequently find application in exciting reference objects. From the Netherlands to Switzerland to Russia: Our little architectural journey takes a look at the different uses of our clever white wall materials. 

Xella wall

A Glimpse behind the Scenes

Come and take a brief glimpse behind the scenes and see the equipment used in our laboratories and test facilities in Emstal and Brück.

Weather Station Xella

Climate data for our building materials

Our weather stations supply us with temperature, humidity, sunshine, rainfall and wind speed measurements. These give us important insights into the effects of climate on our building materials.

Simulating climatic conditions Xella

Simulating climatic conditions

Our team of experts from Applied Research/Building Physics simulate different climatic conditions on test walls and investigate their impact on our building materials.
For example, they use heat lamps to produce high temperatures.

Mineralogical analysis Xella

Mineralogical analysis

We need sample preparations for x-ray diffraction analysis of powdered AAC specimens or materials. Our Product and Process Research division in Brück uses these for mineralogical analyses.

Long-term studies Xella

Long-term studies

Our research team uses this test rig to investigate the deformation behaviour of Xella's roof and ceiling panels in long-term studies.
This one has been running for more than 20 years!

Impact tests on white wall materials Xella

Impact tests on white wall materials

Our Applied Research team conducts impact tests on Xella fire walls to investigate the maximum kinetic energy absorption. This information is used to determine the structural integrity of walls in the event of fire. Autoclaved aerated concrete is an extremely incombustible building material.

Innovation in reality

The inspiration for innovation is the use of tangible examples and successfully completed projects. Using these examples, actual applications can be demonstrated by our innovations, which at best prepare the ground for further innovation. On this page we show selected examples from different countries which have used our innovative products.

Neubauprojekt in Oostflank, Niederlande

Project Oostflank, Netherlands

Efficiency in perfection: By using innovative building components in combination with well thought-through BIM models, Xella is a guarantor of zero-defect construction projects. In the Dutch town of Wijchen, building contractor KlokGroep is relying on the all-round expertise of the building material manufacturer from Duisburg. Together, they are realizing the "Oostflank" new building project. 

Einfamilienhaus in der Schweiz

Single Family Home, Switzerland

Using a clever concept, the architectural firm Atelier Ducret built a home for a young family in Switzerland that can flexibly adapt to changes in family life. Ytong and Multipor building materials from Xella create a balanced and sustainable room atmosphere in the interior of the home. 

Nationalmuseum Oslo Außenansicht

National Museum, Oslo

Xella building materials, using Silka calcium silicate blocks, ensure maximum protection against burglary and a positive CO2 balance in the construction of the National Museum of Norway. Xella is positioning itself once again as an innovative solution provider for ambitious construction projects.

VTB Arena in Moscow

Expertise, commitment and innovative top quality – Xella has brought these together to impressive effect in Russia. Through the use of Ytong aerated concrete, the building materials group from Duisburg – always well-known as a source of innovative ideas in the field of smart wall construction materials – has now become part of a prestigious and futuristic reference project in the sporting heart of Moscow.