April 22, 2021

Measurably sustainable: Xella releases Sustainability Report 2020

In the new sustainability report, Xella makes its sustainability ambitions and targets transparent and measurable.

The Xella Group aims to have a positive impact on the environment and climate with its sustainable building and insulating materials as well as based on its own actions. Compliance with social and governance criteria along the Xella value chain are also key Xella targets. Xella reports on what has already been achieved, the Xella ESG strategy, and the roadmap for reaching the ambitious targets in the voluntary Sustainability Report “Leading the Change.” 

“Xella building and insulation materials stand for efficient, sustainable, and affordable construction and renovation. In this way, we make a significant contribution to the energy efficiency of buildings and the reduction of CO2 emissions. We focus on the recyclability of our products to conserve natural resources and minimize waste. At the same time, we avoid the harmful effects of our own activities – for example, by reducing CO2 emissions or using secondary raw materials in the manufacture of our products. With our measures and ambitious targets, we are consciously focusing on both,” explains Christophe Clemente, CEO of the Xella Group.

Reduction of own CO2 intensity by 30 % by 2030

Based on CO2 emissions in 2019, the CO2 intensity (Scope 1 and 2) will be reduced by 30 % until 2030. With the reduction of 4 % in 2020 compared to the previous year, a first major step has been successfully taken. The installation of photovoltaic systems, the increased use of renewable energies and investments in more energy-efficient plant and machinery will contribute to achieving the target in the coming years.

Eternal product cycles

72-56-80 are not body sizes, but key performance indicators of Xella’s circular economy. 72 % was the share of externally recycled and internally processed glass to produce URSA mineral wool in 2020. The target is 80 % by 2030. URSA is a 100 % subsidiary of the Xella Group. 56 % of the water used in the production of building and insulation materials was recovered in 2020 and returned to the production cycle. Xella is one of the few companies in the sector that has already established functioning recycling processes. For example, since 2016, around 22,000 tons of AAC residues have been collected from Xella customers' construction sites and reused. The “BigBag” concept started in Germany and Denmark is also to be rolled out in other Xella countries.   

Social responsibility and fair cooperation

Satisfied, well-trained, and motivated employees as well as diversity in the workforce make the Xella team successful. The top priority at Xella is always occupational safety. Xella not only relies on technical and procedural safety solutions, but also on far-reaching training measures and the development of comprehensive safety awareness among all employees. 

“We can only achieve our ambitious targets with the skill, experience, and commitment of our workforce. Together we have already achieved a lot, but we want to do even more and continue to improve. We strengthen our high performance with ongoing training, professional development, fair and performance-based remuneration, and an environment characterized by open-mindedness, respect, and diversity. This also means upholding our values and guidelines”, explains Christophe Clemente, CEO of the Xella Group.

Xella Sustainability Report

“We have published this sustainability report in accordance to GRI-standard to give our stakeholders an understanding of the vision and specific sustainability targets that we are pursuing. By publicizing our ambitious intentions and targets, we are also taking on an obligation to hold ourselves accountable. We want to – and must – measure ourselves by our progress,” explains Dr. Michael Leicht, Head of Group HR and responsible member of the Xella Executive Committee, on the voluntarily prepared report. Find more information about sustainability at Xella under the following link: sustainability.xella.com 


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About Xella
Xella Group is one of the leading, internationally operating solution providers of building materials and insulation materials, with sales of 1.5 billion Euros, 95 plants and more than 7,000 employees. Xella is the parent company of renowned brands such as Ytong, Silka, Hebel, Multipor or URSA and is one of the pioneers in digitally supported building processes. Xella’s products are sustainable both in manufacturing and use. Therefore, they make an important contribution to the construction of long-lasting, energy-efficient, and high-quality buildings, and thus to environmental protection and the conservation of resources. Further information on Xella Group can be found on the internet at: www.xella.com