January 16, 2017

Integrated solutions from Xella

The Xella Group will be presenting pioneering, innovative and sustainable solutions for walls, floors and ceilings on a joint stand shared by Xella Deutschland and Fermacell at BAU 2017 in Munich, Hall A2, Stand 103. Experienced representatives from Xella Deutschland will explain how energy-efficient construction go hand-in-hand with sound insulation, fire protection, cladding design and sustainability. Experts from Fermacell will be on hand to advise interested visitors about timber-frame construction, fire protection and functional designs for ceilings, walls and floors. Xella is committed to digitally-assisted construction processes and offers corresponding services to support those working in planning and construction.
Future-proof solutions from Xella Building Materials at BAU 2017
Xella Building Materials offers white building materials for modern homes and commercial buildings.  Our well-known branded products and systems are a byword for reliability, energy efficiency and good design; Ytong and Hebel autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) are synonymous with energy-saving sustainable wall constructions; Multipor mineral insulation boards set new standards in thermal insulation and Silka calcium-silicate units provide load-bearing, non-combustible wall solutions with outstanding sound insulation.
Energy-efficient and sustainable construction with Ytong AAC
From 2021 onwards, when even private developers will be required to build zero-energy homes under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, Xella Deutschland will have the perfect solution; YtongEnergy+, developed specifically for monolithic wall constructions. Ytong Energy+ makes energy-saving buildings up to three stories high still an affordable option.
If the challenge is to build quickly, series construction with Ytong XL is the answer. Significantly shorter build times can be achieved with prefabricated, story-high Ytong system wall and partition wall elements with a surface area of up to 2.25 m². Property developers benefit from improved scheduling, a reduced workload and significant cost savings –  without compromising on the quality of the building shell.
Commercial and industrial buildings with Hebel AAC
Hebel will be introducing the latest generation wall panels for commercial buildings. With the new Hebel wall panel, commercial buildings can be constructed as single-skin masonry structures without the need for additional insulation in the external walls. For office buildings, this means residential construction standards in compliance with the latest requirements of the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) for commercial buildings, with an interior temperature of 19 degrees Celsius or higher. And fire protection compliant with all fire resistance ratings from F 30 to F 180 is already built-in.
hebelHalle has addressed the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises by developing a standardized modular construction system for factory buildings.  The client benefits in two ways: A wide choice of customisable building designs and a regional partner with decades of experience in commercial construction.
Innovative and sustainable insulation with Multipor mineral insulation boards
Tried and testedinternal insulation from Multipor provides versatile system solutions for the energy-efficient refurbishment of half-timbered houses and old buildings, all of which are designed along ecological and sustainable principles. The existing fabric of the building can be retained and its energy efficiency improved, often avoiding costly demolition work and landfill. By preserving historic cityscapes, we can maintain the individuality of our towns and cities.
Multipor mineral insulation panels used as an external thermal insulation composite system meet new, tougher requirements for fire protection and heat retention without the need for additional fire-proof barriers. So with just one insulating material, all types of building can readily comply with the increased fire safety requirements of the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt).
At BAU 2017 Multipor will demonstrate the structure of the impressive facade of the newly refurbished Jewish Museum in Frankfurt-am-Main designed by Staab Architekten. By installing two layers of insulating material with a thickness of just 120 mm or above, the complex architectural features of the facade could be clad with ease. The Multipor external thermal insulation composite system proved to be a simple and reliable solution compared with other insulating materials
Silka calcium silicate units combine outstanding sound insulation with rapid construction progress
Sound insulation plays a special role in urban planning as our towns and cities become increasingly built-up. The optimum material characteristics of Silka calcium silicate units make it the ideal solution for responding competitively to the demand for modern multistorey buildings with up to 7 floors.  Thin walls with high load-bearing capacity, excellent fire protection to suit all requirements and compliance with stringent requirements for sound insulation can be achieved with calcium silicate products from Xella. With a flexible planning service and prefabricated, pre-cut wall elements, building with Silka XL Plus masonry is guaranteed to be cost-effective, quick and easy. 
The large format Silka XL construction system can be combined with the Multipor external thermal insulation composite system to give a virtually monolithic mineral construction which offers the best values layer for layer. Sound insulation and heat retention combined in a sustainable, non-combustible wall system satisfy the requirements of modern construction fit for the future. Being mineral-based products, facades can easily be dismantled at some point in the future and returned to the closed-loop cycle. The first product innovations made from recycled calcium silicate units, AAC and mineral insulation boards will be unveiled to the public as soon as they are ready to market.
Xella Deutschland: Innovative and digital
Xella has developed the large-format Ytong block in response to the question of how to build not just quickly and therefore cost-effectively, but also with unrivalled insulating properties: Meet the double pack Ytong Jumbo with λ = 0.08 W/(mK). Based on the Ytong Jumbo, it comprises two blocks which are laid by a two-man team with a mini crane and double-pack gripper. The gripper has been specially designed for the double pack system. The high insulation values ensure rapid construction progress and low labour costs. Up to 3.3 m² of masonry can be constructed in one hour by a two-man team operating a mini crane and the new double-pack gripper. Thereby, the double-pack Ytong Jumbo combines optimum thermal insulation with rapid build progress.
The market-ready Ytong DBM Pellets and Silka Secure DBM Pellets will be available through trade channels from July 2017. These low-dust, easy-to-apply thin-bed mortars have been specially formulated for use with Ytong and Silka.  The innovative, higher yielding, pure mineral mortar briquettes significantly reduce dust pollution on construction sites and thus comply with the new, stricter requirements for reducing particulate matter in the construction industry. Further applications for this patented technology, winner of the German Occupational Safety Award 2015, will emerge in the future. The chemical-free ‘easy-to-mix’ effect of the self-dissolving briquettes makes life very easy for the user; just tip the required quantity of DBM pellets from the waterproof mortar sack into a container and then add enough water to cover the pellets. Leave to stand for a short time to allow the thin-bed mortar to cure and then stir – the mortar mix is now ready to use on site. The ease-of-use and noticeably higher yield significantly reduce the workload and improve efficiency.
Xella Deutschland completes its product systems with an extended range of services. Our Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools may be of special interest to planners, architects and building operators as they make it possible to create 3-D models of construction plans.  Numerous Ytong and Silka wall constructions and Multipor insulation solutions are available free of charge as BIM objects in common Revit and Archicad formats. Xella will explain how to make effective use of BIM at BAU 2017 and experienced Xella employees will be on hand to advise.
Fermacell system solutions – one of the highlights of BAU 2017
Fermacell will be presenting modern solutions for dry lining walls, floors and ceilings at BAU 2017. Gypsum fibreboards and cement-bonded construction panels are combined to create practical solutions for the rapid, dry refurbishment and expansion of residential and commercial buildings. Fermacell will also present proven system solutions for modern timber-framed construction which respond to market trends for multi-storey construction and the addition of extra storeys. If you're looking for the best possible fire protection for tunnels, ventilation ducts or column and beam cladding, Fermacell Aestuver is the one to watch.
Functionality meets interior design
Innovative wall cladding from fermacell design perfectly combines aesthetics and safety. The ready-to-use surface of the mineral-coated gypsum fibre and cement-bonded wet room panels are available for wall solutions in building material classes A2 and B1.
Fermacell H2O panels are ideal for high-end applications for wet rooms in residential and commercial buildings. Easy to install and with a range of accessories, they offer planners and builders a cost-effective solution in the cement-bonded panel sector. Despite their low weight, the well-designed system solutions make it easy to construct highly resistant, non-combustible wall and floor structures.
In addition to attractive wall and ceiling designs, Fermacell also offers a range of flooring solutions. Tradeshow visitors will be able to see for themselves the benefits of latest developments which enable large-format floor tiles to be installed safely and simply on top of Fermacell dry screed.
Floor solutions with Fermacell screed elements offer several key advantages: dry installation with no moisture ingress, quick and economical to install, ready to walk on or cover immediately, high mechanical strength, relatively low self-weight, good sound insulation despite low mass and suitable for areas with high fire protection requirements.
Fire protection at the highest level
Fermacell Aestuver focuses on highly specialised fire protection applications. Aestuver Tx fire-resistant panels will be presented as high-performance, fire-proof tunnel cladding which satisfies the highest national and international fire safety standards. Aestuver Tx fire-resistant panels were successfully used to upgrade the Bergisel Tunnel on the Brenner autobahn, among other things.
Tradeshow visitors can also find out about the new Aestuver Lx fire-resistant panels; a new addition to the Fermacell Aestuver portfolio which provides an effective solution for fire-resistant ventilation and smoke extraction ducts.
Fermacell: Innovative and digital
Fermacell will also be showcasing a new acoustic ceiling system for interiors made from gypsum fibre panels. Architects benefit from an unusual design compared with conventional acoustic panels which can be used to create new interior layouts. A special accompanying video designed for architects illustrates the diverse creative possibilities.
Dry lining installers, carpenters, architects, timber construction companies and structural engineers benefit from Fermacell’s wide range of service tools. We are continually expanding our online activities to meet this demand. The new Fermacell architect’s app will be released in time for the BAU 2017. This free application gives architects and planners access to all the latest information needed for planning with Fermacell products at any time and in any place. The bidding centre will also be ready in time for the show. Then you will be able to view all relevant installation details for our products with just one click.
With the new digital fire protection calculator, planners can familiarise themselves with the planning and implementation of Fermacell and Fermacell Aestuver fire protection solutions. In addition to product information and detailed examples, it features six integrated videos which illustrate how to use Fermacell fire protection systems.
We have also released a new installation video to accompany Fermacell design, the mineral-coated gypsum fibre and cement-bonded wet room panel with a ready-to-use finish. The video gives planners and users step-by-step instructions on how to install Fermacell and Fermacell Aestuver in all areas of application so they can then use them correctly for a range of different construction projects.
At BAU 2017 Xella will once again be exhibiting a range of innovative and customer-friendly solutions focusing on Ytong, Silka, Multipor and Hebel construction products. Our joint stand will also feature new product ranges from Fermacell and Fermacell Aestuver.  With this tradeshow presence, Xella is underlining its commitment to offer customers solution-based construction products and systems to suit all requirements and to be the first port of call when it comes to planning and implementation.
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