Open Innovation

"A really good idea can be recognized by the fact that their realization seems impossible from the outset." 
Albert Einstein

At Xella, we follow the open innovation approach, which means that our innovation process is open to the outside world. Internal and external ideas flow equally into the development of new products, services and business models. Good and innovative ideas need a strong partner: We are the right partner for your ideas and look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

We would like to take a look into the future to see which of the new technologies that are still in basic research in five, ten or 20 years will be key or even basic technologies. However, innovations are only superficially answers to technological and market challenges. The field of tension and thus the success of innovations is characterized by further factors that must be recognized and interpreted in the selection and design of innovation projects. Recognizable trends in the areas of demography, politics, law and environmental protection must be included in the strategic product and innovation considerations and create room for maneuver for innovation management.

As a manufacturer of building materials, it is essential for Xella to have an eye on trends in safety, quality standards and standardization, and to be in control of them wherever necessary.

We therefore maintain an extensive network of partners from universities, research institutes and other companies. Working in publicly funded joint projects is also part of our innovation strategy. In addition, we are also open for further ideas and suggestions that are brought to us.

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