Xella Kids Competition


The purpose of our “Xella Kids” competition was for your children to show how to work safely at Xella. This campaign brings us a step closer to our vision of safe work. safe life. We want everyone working for or with Xella to return home healthy, because we know that every accident potentially has a major impact on life – both professionally and privately. 
Fortunately, your little and big artists know this already and show you what safe working at Xella looks like. We were overwhelmed by the quantity and creativity of the entries; whether it’s drawings, photos, films or animations, every single piece is a real eye-catcher.
Find inspiration in the great works of art, which are on display for everyone to admire here on this page. And think about what promise you want to make to your little and big ones when it comes to your safety at work.

A big thank-you to you and your kids!

The winners 

1st prize: Maxim SchmittFrance
2nd prize: Makar Fornosov, Spain
3rd prize: Stefania-Maria But, Romania

Choosing the winners has not been easy. To keep the odds the same for all age groups, we therefore let the lottery decide on the three main prizes. As we were so impressed with the effort and creativity of your children, some of our department heads donated additional special prizes to the draw. Moreover, each participant received a thank-you prize, as we believe that there were only winners among all the entries.

Special prizes go to the following children.

In the age group of 2 to 5 years old
Anastazja Kozkowska, Poland
Milana Makeychev, Russia
Ognjen Maksimović , Serbia
Marcel Owczarz, Poland
Nico Madel, Germany

In the age group of 6 to 9 years old
David Kraševec, Slovenia
Nikolaj Topolewski, Poland
Lucja Pysk, Poland
Alejandro Alzaga Navarro, Spain

In the age group of 10 to 14 years old
Thom Benjamins, Netherlands
Maria McGlashan, Poland
Paulina Busch, Germany
Lohann Hondekyn-Collet, France

More special prizes were awarded in the categories:

Best Costume
David Parés Merideñoc, Spain

Best Special Effects
Hertta Hautala, Sweden

Best Documentary
Nethan & Arjen Coucke, Belgium

And here is the entrance to the exhibition: