Innovation Management at Xella

Innovation needs ideas. And since ideas rarely appear out of the blue, Xella strives to continuously promote its culture of innovation in all three of the company's business units: Building materials, dry lining and lime.

Product innovation – the development and marketing of new products – and process innovation lie at the heart of Xella's corporate philosophy. New or optimised production processes, for example, improve efficiency and give us a competitive edge. Being innovative means making space for creative ideas which pave the way for innovation. 

Our powerful ideas, progressive ethos and pioneering innovations ensure that Xella’s premium-quality, energy-efficient products stand out from the competition.

Xella sets great store by the brain power of our employees; after all, their ideas are the driving force behind the daily innovation process. At Xella we take a holistic approach to innovation – from product research and workflow optimisation to working in partnership with our customers. Our innovation management brings together the various divisions, sites and disciplines within the corporate group. Local contacts make sure that ideas are pooled and shared.

This organisational structure ensures that good ideas don't get lost along the way and that individual corporate divisions have the opportunity to play their part in the innovation process.