Innovation at Xella

"Innovation is one of the most important priorities for the building materials industry. Not only do we want to use innovations to comply with regulations, but we also want to define new benchmarks in our industry and meet the needs of our customers. Thanks to the creativity and competence of our employees, I am convinced that they will continue to achieve these goals in the future."
Thomas Bois, CEO Xella Baustoffe GmbH

A supposedly small idea can be the beginning of something big. Behind every creative approach is the courage to think outside the box and break away from tradition. For a company like Xella, ideas are the decisive building blocks that lead to the continuous optimization of our products and processes. We see ourselves as an innovative solution provider for our customers, which makes life easier for them and offers them sustainable and environmentally friendly concepts.


Since the revolutionary development of aerated concrete in the 1920s, we have been a driver of innovation and an engine of progress; Not only do our demanding customers all over the world benefit from this, but the entire construction industry. A development we are proud of and which with “Xella ID”, we now give a clear identity. As water and sand characterize our building materials, Xella ID, as a synonym of our DNA, stands for innovative power, which we want to further strengthen as part of strategic innovation management.

Xella ID stands for future orientation as an unmistakable hallmark of Xella - but also for the ideas that are the basis of every innovation process and that we purposefully promote. In specific terms this means: Our Innovation Development - that's what ID stands for - works as a transnational and interdepartmental network that promotes cooperation and controls communication - both internally and externally.

At Xella, we see innovation as a holistic approach - from product research to the optimization of work processes - to collaboration with our customers. As part of our open innovation approach, we maintain a strong network of partners, including universities and research institutes, our clients and other construction companies. In addition, we are one of the few companies in our industry to have its own research and development center.

Through this vibrant innovation culture, we specifically promote creative, interdisciplinary cooperation and at the same time set standards for the industry. After all: Innovations can only be promoted, not forced.

Our organizational structure ensures that good ideas are not "lost" and that the individual areas of the company contribute their share to the innovation process. We are supported by a multi-stage process - starting with the analysis of trends, brainstorming, implementation in pilot projects and roll-out. Every proposal is heard: Central contact persons on site are our Heads of Innovation, who bundle ideas and incorporate them into internal decision-making processes. In the end, an optimized work-flow, future-oriented materials, a new product or a new service can be created.

A company and its product range must constantly evolve if it also wants to play a decisive role in the world market of the future. With innovative solutions and competent employees, Xella is ideally placed to benefit from new opportunities and to remain one step ahead in the future.