Innovation at Xella

"Innovation is a key priority of our Business Unit ‘Building Materials’. We want not only to use innovation as enabler to fulfill future regulations but also to differentiate us from our main competitors by bringing new solutions to our key customers." 
Thomas Bois, CEO Xella Baustoffe GmbH

A supposedly small idea can be the beginning of something big. A new product, an innovative material or an optimized workflow - behind all this, there is the courage to think outside the box and break away from tradition. For a company like Xella, ideas are the decisive building blocks that lead to the continuous optimization of our products and processes.


Strong ideas, a progressive spirit and pioneering building materials have made us an innovative company that sets itself apart from the competition with high-quality and energy-efficient products. To ensure that this remains the case in the future, top quality and the continuous development of the product range are core components of the corporate philosophy. In order to meet these high demands in the long term, Xella relies on innovation.

Being innovative is an important part of our corporate culture, which we actively promote. We focus on the clever minds of our employees - their ideas are the driving force behind the daily innovation process. At Xella, we understand innovation as a holistic approach - from product research to the optimization of work processes - to collaboration with our customers. Good innovation management is characterized by the fact that it creates an innovation-friendly environment in the company, takes new ideas seriously and at the same time keeps an eye on industry trends. Our innovation management also connects the different areas, locations and disciplines within the group. Local contacts ensure that ideas are bundled and shared.

Through this lively culture of innovation, we specifically promote creative, interdisciplinary cooperation and at the same time set standards for the industry. Because: Innovations can only be promoted, not enforced. Our organizational structure ensures that good ideas are not "lost" and that the individual areas of the company contribute their share to the innovation process.

A company and its product range must constantly evolve if it also wants to play a decisive role in the world market in the future. With innovative solutions and competent employees, Xella is ideally positioned to take advantage of new opportunities and to stay one step ahead in the future.