Xella resulted from a merger between the Duisburg company, Haniel-Bau Industrie GmbH and the Munich company, Ytong AG with Fels-Werke GmbH in Goslar. Today headquarters are located in Duisburg.


Xella sells business unit Fermacell.


Xella acquires one of the leading European insulation materials manufacturers Ursa and sells business unit Fels.


PAI Partners and Goldman Sachs agree sale of the Xella Group to Lone Star, Xella’s current indirect shareholders.

2014 - 2016

Xella executed a comprehensive optimization program including optimization of facilities by investments and process improvements, cost reductions etc. – the foundation for continuous improvement at Xella.


Haniel sold the Group to funds managed by PAI Partners and investment funds managed by the Merchant Banking Division of Goldman Sachs.

2004 - 2013

Xella continued the global expansion during this time. In particular, in 2012 Xella acquired an AAC plant in the Czech Republic in our Building Materials segment and an unfinished gypsum fiber board plant in Orejo, Spain, which started operation in May 2013, in the Dry Lining business segment.


Introduction of Xella brand and launch at the Munich BAU Trade Fair.


Acquisition of the Fels/Hebel group and the Ytong group. This complemented and strengthened the product portfolio of wall-building materials with the established Ytong and Hebel brands, increased the degree of vertical integration (with the lime activities of Fels), extended the product and market portfolio with gypsum fiberboards with the Fermacell activities and brand and expanded its international presence.

1951 / 1952

In Germany, the production of Ytong blocks began in Salzgitter and Messel.


Haniel commenced the trade with building materials; Xella’s business has its origin in the trading and construction activities of the Haniel Group (the Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH and its affiliates and subsidiaries).


Origins of the Hebel brand in Germany, when Josef Hebel developed a patented steel-reinforced AAC product and started the first factory for industrial production of construction elements for walls, ceilings and roofs.


Beginning of commercial production of AAC in Yxhult, about 200 kilometers west of Stockholm (Sweden). The first blocks were sold under the name Yxhults Anghärdade Gasbetong, from which the brand name Ytong was derived.