The Hebel Brand

The brand Hebel The Hebel brand symbolises large format prefabricated compound units made of aerated autoclaved concrete for solid commercial constructions, for instance logistics centres, warehouses and manufacturing facilities.
The brand name can be traced back to company founder and construction engineer Josef Hebel, who established a construction company in Memmingen in 1920. The first Hebel factory was opened in 1943 where building elements for walls, roofs and ceilings were manufactured on an industrial scale.  

As a contribution to the reunification of Germany, Hebel organised a total of five international architecture forums between 1990 and 1996. The objective of these forums was to compare the development of contemporary architecture in the western and eastern parts of the country and to learn from one another. Leading architects such as Daniel Liebeskind and Sir Norman Foster shared the podium as celebrity contemporaries.

With a supported brand awareness of 98 percent among the trade target groups, Hebel is one of the most recognised brands in the Xella Group and is one of the strongest building material brands overall.