Heads of Innovation

We have put together a team of experts for our innovation processes. In doing so, we took care to assemble a team with as heterogeneous competencies as possible from our group. We can call on specialists with technical expertise, marketing, sales and product management knowledge as well as further expertise. This ensures that we can illuminate ideas from all possible perspectives.

Our Heads of Innovation have their local innovation teams and promote the innovation topic in their country by motivating their local experts and employees to submit innovations and to participate in the innovation process of and for Xella.


"Being innovative is an important element of our corporate culture and we are actively promoting it."
Valentina Ikstadt
Head of Innovation International



"If you don’t get new insights you won’t get new ideas!"

Clemens Aberle
Head of Innovation Germany


"Innovation links proven ideas with new possiblities."

Pamela Böhm
Head of Innovation Austria


“Innovation means improving now, designing the future.”

Matteo Canevarolo
Head of Innovation Italy


"Innovation is the most important strategic challenge."

Borislav Diviziev
Head of Innovation Bulgaria


"I take innovations as serious fun."

Ivana Havlickova
Head of Innovation Czech Republic


"In a constant changing business, innovation is key." 

Rasmus Jensen
Head of Innovation Denmark


"Innovation is the future."                                   

Wojciech Lasut
Head of Innovation Poland


"Being innovative is the best way to be effective."

Tibor Marta
Head of Innovation Hungary


“Innovative approach is a keystone to prosperity.”

Ruslan Mazitov
Head of Innovation Russia


"The best ideas come as jokes. Think as funny as possible." 

Catalin Oprea
Head of Innovation Romania


"Innovation starts with ideas that must fit real market expectations"

Elly van Overmeire
Head of Innovation Netherlands


„Hello Future!“                                              

Stephane Renot
Head of Innovation France


„Discovering hidden potentials of an organization.“

Biljana Susnjar
Head of Innovation Serbia

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