The Fermacell Brand

the brand Fermacell

Fermacell has been a benchmark for quality dry lining building materials in the industry for over 40 years.

Fermacell gypsum fiber board panels were introduced to the German market for the first time in 1971. With a brand awareness of 97 percent, it is one of the best-known building material brands and Fermacell today stands for gypsum fiber board panels.

In 2009, the product name was expanded to become the company name - Fermacell GmbH is the dry lining construction business unit of the Xella Group. The uniform product and company name supports the further internationalisation of the company. Fermacell has now become a firmly established name, even abroad.

With the renaming of the company, the separate branding of Aestuver was discontinued and integrated into the main company brand, Fermacell. Since then, the fire protection board and cable trunking product sector, have been marketed under the Fermacell Aestuver brand and therefore strengthen the fire protection expertise of Fermacell.

The Fermacell product range includes gypsum fiber board panels, dry flooring elements, the glass fibre-reinforced, cement-bonded Fermacell Powerpanel dry lining boards, the Fermacell greenline range and associated accessories.

With its board materials and fire protection products such as fire-retardant sealing systems, fire protection joints and fire resistant coatings, Aestuver has identified a special, high-quality market segment.