Dry Lining

Fermacell products are used for dry wall applications, timber frame construction and in the area of structural fire protection. Whether for modernisation, renovation or new construction – Fermacell can be used for individually planning and implementing all kinds of work on walls, ceilings and floors. 


Concert Hall of Denmark Radio realized with Fermacell

Fermacell gypsum fiberboards are made from gypsum and fibers from recycled paper. Both these natural raw materials are mixed with water, pressed into stable boards, dried and cut to size.

Fermacell also offers gypsum fiberboard innovations:

  • Fermacell greenline, a board that binds toxins in indoor air and permanently converts them into non-toxic substances
  • Fermacell Firepanel A1, a fire protection board with all the well-known properties of traditional Fermacell gypsum fiberboards plus even better fire protection qualities for building materials and elements.

Special for wet rooms, Fermacell has developed the cement-bonded Powerpanel product line. The special material composition provides for stable construction in all areas with high waterproofing demands.


Fermacell Aestuver

Underground Essen realized with Aestuver fire protection boards

Fermacell Aestuver, one of the leading brands in glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) technology, offers a wide choice of solutions for fire protection, for example, in subterranean traffic infrastructure. Aestuver fire protection boards are non-combustible, cement-bonded, lightweight GFRC boards for highly specialized applications. They are waterproof and frost-resistant, as well as extremely pressure-resistant, bend-proof, and abrasion-resistant.