Digital solutions in construction

Digital Solutions

Digital solutions will shape the future of building! At Xella we are already part of this digital world and link analog building materials to digital services for the benefit of our customers.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

In Building Information Modeling a building is first built digitally before it is implemented as a real building. With BIM, structures are portrayed with all of their relevant information throughout their entire life cycle by means of a digital building model. The detailed building model is enriched with information from all project participants throughout the planning process, supporting better planning, execution and subsequent management of the building.
BIM makes it possible to carry out building projects faster, more cost effectively and on a timely basis.


‘Digital twins’ of real building components

Unlike classic 3D CAD design, individual building components in BIM are assigned costs and processing times in addition to technical properties. Thus, a “Digital Twin” of the building component is created. As part of this specification, additional information such as maintenance expenses and recycling possibilities is also assigned to the individual component. So the virtual building in the BIM model accompanies the real twin from the initial idea, through construction and operation to possible demolition and recycling, thus providing added value for the entire value chain.