Economy – Ecology – Society

Being sustainable means thinking and dealing responsibly over the long term. This principle forms the basis of our corporate policy – ultimately, the buildings constructed using our materials will outlast several generations and greatly influence the health and wellbeing of the people who live in them. Xella’s tradition and corporate culture are synonymous with the preservation of values and the concurrent pursuit of environmental and social progress.

Comprehensive sustainability

Xella products are sustainable both in manufacture and use. They also undergo a process of continuous development. Our products therefore make an important contribution to the construction of energy-efficient, high-quality buildings and consequently also to environmental protection and the conservation of resources. Our products have received numerous awards and certificates for their environmentally friendly characteristics.

To Xella, sustainability means more than simply bringing energy-efficient and environmentally compatible products to market. Sustainability is also about production and management, human resources, compliance and research as well as innovation and the environment. To Xella, sustainability is not only about saving energy – long life products, recycling and certification aspects are of equal importance.

Xella’s commitment is not just limited to products and processes; it also extends to social responsibility. We have supported the promotion of young professionals for many years, for example through student competitions and continued training for employees. We also support a wide range of social projects in many different countries.

Mission and Vision of the Xella Group

“With our building and insulation materials we are one of the leading international system providers for ecological and sustainable construction. The Xella Group’s high-quality portfolio of products and services is specifically geared towards our customer’s individual requirements. A smoothly flowing supply chain is a core component of our approach to quality for our customers and we are working continuously to improve our quality in cooperation with all of our business partners.

It is our employees who ensure these high standards. We aim to maintain long-term cooperation with our employees and encourage and support them in meeting our high quality requirements. We place great importance on the long-term development of business relationships with our partners. We leverage this close cooperation with them to continuously expand our product and service range. With our innovative solutions and competent staff we are ideally placed to benefit from new opportunities and to actively shape the future. This also ensures that we remain an attractive proposition for our shareholders and future investors.”