Building Materials

Using the construction materials Ytong and Hebel autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), Silka calcium silicate units and Multipor mineral insulation boards, all high-quality construction requirements can be fulfilled reliably and at optimised cost.

The materials selected for the products are fully compatible with one another and the products can therefore be used in a diverse range of applications for both new construction and renovation projects.


Niedrigenergiehaus Habermann gebaut mit Ytong Porenbeton

Ytong AAC stands for highly efficient thermal insulation, optimal fire protection, and masonry with excellent load-bearing abilities. Lime, sand, cement, and water – mineral and natural raw materials – form the main ingredients of AAC.

In addition to the classic Ytong building block, we now offer Ytong Energy+ – an innovative block with outstanding thermal insulation properties – as well as the Multipor mineral insulation board for use in insulating new buildings and in modernization with the objective of becoming more energy efficient.


Multipor mineral insulation panels are an ecological fully mineral-based building material. Multipor sets new standards in thermal insulation by combining structural strength and solidity with outstanding insulation performance.

Multipor panels are made from environmentally safe raw materials. They contain no fibers or other harmful substances. The specific material properties of Multipor mineral insulation panels make them suitable for use in all types of construction (both old and new) in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.



Dorotheenviertel Lübeck gebaut mit Silka Kalksandstein

Silka calcium silicate units make it possible to build slim walls that are both extremely stable and highly sound absorbent. In addition, Silka is excellent at storing heat and fulfils all current requirements for environmental protection and economy of modern buildings. The traditional and very dense, highly massive building material consists solely of natural raw materials: Lime, sand, and water.


Distributionszentrum Ikea gebaut mit Hebel Porenbeton

Hebel stands for large-format prefabricated compound units and AAC panels. Hebel products are used in large-scale business construction projects, such as logistics centers, warehouses, and production facilities, as well as event centers and sports halls. Building elements are delivered as modules and assembled on site.

Safety is our guiding principle when it comes to business construction, as the safety of people and products is of paramount importance in this field. That’s why Hebel building elements offer maximum fire protection.