A Glimpse behind the Scenes

Come and take a brief glimpse behind the scenes and see the equipment used in our laboratories and test facilities in Emstal and Brück. 

Climate data for our building materials

Our weather stations supply us with temperature, humidity, sunshine, rainfall and wind speed measurements. These give us important insights into the effects of climate on our building materials.

Simulating climatic conditions

Our team of experts from Applied Research/Building Physics simulate different climatic conditions on test walls and investigate their impact on our building materials.
For example, they use heat lamps to produce high temperatures.

Simulation von Klimabedingungen

Mineralogical analysis

We need sample preparations for x-ray diffraction analysis of powdered AAC specimens or materials. Our Product and Process Research division in Brück uses these for mineralogical analyses.

Long-term studies

Our research team uses this test rig to investigate the deformation behaviour of Xella's roof and ceiling panels in long-term studies.
This one has been running for more than 20 years!


Impact tests on white wall materials

Our Applied Research team conducts impact tests on Xella fire walls to investigate the maximum kinetic energy absorption. This information is used to determine the structural integrity of walls in the event of fire. Autoclaved aerated concrete is an extremely incombustible building material.

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