Purchasing at Xella Group

Xella manufactures and sells premium products. A careful selection of suppliers under perspective of total cost, quality, environmental awareness and compliance with the requirements of the Supplier Code of Conduct is important for this purpose.


We would like to improve the competitiveness of our products continuously together with our suppliers. Therefore we expect our suppliers and other business partners to comply with our values.


Xella is working with a variety of national and international suppliers. We develop steadily our portfolio of capable suppliers and choose from the world's best partners. Generally, Xella is always interested in cooperation with new business partners.



Xella Supplier Code of Conduct

Xella is committed to a sustainable and economically responsible behavior. Therefore basic principles in the areas of anti-discrimination, prohibition of child and forced labour, labour conditions and freedom of association, anti-corruption, confidentiality, discretion and data protection, as well as environmental protection and health and safety have been defined.


We want to share this basic understanding with our suppliers. For this purpose we developed the Xella Supplier Code of Conduct.

Xella Supplier’s Self Disclosure

Are you interested in cooperating with Xella?
Then please apply at Xella via our Supplier’s Self Disclosure.  


The questions of the Supplier’s Self Disclosure form the basic information we need about our business suppliers. Electronic supply ensures that you only once answer the questions and these are accessible Xella world wide. You present your scope of supply and services with your Supplier’s Self Disclosure and thus give your electronic business card. Your data is treated confidentially and is processed in accordance with the applicable regulations.


How do we find your company and assign it? To search for suppliers there are different search options for Xella users available. The main search criterion represents the material group, which describes your material or business activities. To specify requirements Xella users from purchasing can set further parameters within the research, such as the selection of a particular organization or a particular country.